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Our October issue of The ACCJ Journal is all about communication, through writing, speaking, and measuring data. Whether covering the news, promoting our brands, or keeping tabs on our health, the way we gather, express, and share information makes a difference.

Since 1897, The Japan Times has served as the top resource for English-language news in Japan. On June 20, ownership passed from Nifco Inc. to News2u Holdings, Inc., and Minako Kambara Suematsu took the helm as the new chairperson and publisher. She sits down with The ACCJ Journal for her first interview since assuming the role, sharing her views on the state of media in 2017 and her vision for the paper’s future.

By now you’ve probably heard of podcasting. It’s often seen as the domain of pop culture fans and public radio hosts, but did you know it can play a powerful role in a company’s marketing mix? We talk to six of the leading podcast experts in the United States and Japan about what makes podcasting unique, why businesses should be doing it, and tips for using the medium most effectively.

Technology that we carry on our bodies has revolutionized communications and changed how we do business. Now, it can also change how we manage our health. Wearables have been gaining traction for years, and got a boost when Apple Inc. introduced the Apple Watch in April 2015—spurring the health app revolution and interest in smart devices for health monitoring. We look at some other devices that are pushing health tech forward and the XPRIZE mission to create a real-life version of Star Trek’s famous tricorder.

If you want your vital signs to stay in top shape for those scans, you might consider trying one of the many beverages on the Japanese market that are labeled as food with specified health use (FOSHU). These products, such as Sprite Plus and Mets Cola, offer benefits such as reducing fat absorption. We talk to the makers of these tokuho drinks as well as health experts about the origin of FOSHU and how the products are being received by consumers.

There’s much more in this issue, including coverage of the ACCJ–EBC Health Policy White Paper 2017, the debate over artificial intelligence and copyright ownership, and the Kansai chapter’s outreach to Millennials. So, turn the page and let ACCJ–Tokyo Vice President Peter M. Jennings start you off with his own words of wisdom.

Christopher Bryan Jones is Editor-in-Chief of The ACCJ Journal. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, he has lived in Japan since 1997.