The Journal The Authority on Global Business in Japan

From the Publisher
Simon Farrell

In this exciting but imperfect era of endless, prompt, and free online information, the agony of choice is what to consume and trust. But there’s still much to be said for ink.

Fresh and unique, The Journal will still arrive 12 times a year and be a permanent and high-profile record, as continues to develop to exploit the digital world.

The big difference is, in both print and online, The Journal now features two distinct sections: the journalism up front aims to be passionate and refreshingly objective.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) section, meanwhile, will also inform and entertain, while staying true to the key tenets of the organization—advocacy, information, and networking.

The process has been very rewarding, long, and arduous—even onerous at times. It began in July 2014 over meals shared with the two relaunch architects, Jonathan Kushner and William Swinton. As leaders of the ACCJ Communications Advisory Council (CAC), their ambitious vision for the new two-part concept helped create what you see. Thanks Jon and Swint for your inspiration.

Often unsung but always there, a big thanks also to Custom Media’s editorial, technical, and design teams, who diligently worked late many times to honor deadlines and exceed standards. We look forward to your feedback so we can continue to develop The Journal.

Editor’s Desk
Brandi Goode

In its 52-year history, the ACCJ’s flagship publication has gone through many iterations. You may notice some commonalities with versions past in this 2015 revamp, but most of what we’re presenting is brand new.

In line with the CAC’s strategic mission, in addition to feedback received in last year’s chamber-wide survey, The Journal aims to provide informed analysis for both current and potential members.

Readers will see many new bylines in this and future issues. Each writer contributing articles in the first, long-format section has years of journalism experience. Regular columns beginning this month include The Third Arrow, Tech in Asia, Arti-sense, and Voices of Japan.

Though we’ll continue to spotlight US–Japan ties, such as in our “Asia in Washington” feature, we’re expanding the magazine’s scope to incorporate content relevant to all nationalities working in Japan and throughout the Asia–Pacific region.

Another exciting innovation is the inclusion of syndicated content from select partners. This month’s article, from the Nikkei Asian Review, highlights the deflationary consequences of hoarding rising profits in lieu of reinvesting in investors and operations.

On a related note, in yet another novel Journal feature—translations from Japanese media—government advisor William Saito warns against hyper-conservative corporate behavior.

As always, I’m curious to hear what you think. Without further ado, enjoy your new magazine; I hope you’re as proud of it as we are.