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As we go to print, all eyes are on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s pending visit to the United States. As the first Japanese prime minister to address a joint session of Congress, Abe is expected to endorse US–Japan trade and defense ties.The latter topic is spotlighted in The Journal this month.

While the defense industry is often viewed in terms of complex equipment and covert negotiations, our cover story highlights the economic potential for businesses in Japan. The door to new opportunities was opened with Tokyo’s revision of the national security strategy in April 2014, to allow arms-related exports.

The commercial potential will extend beyond major defense contractors. As ACCJ Chubu member Rob Jacobs points out, new government-driven projects are expected to stimulate all defense sectors and generate an economic trickle-down effect.

Global citizens
Our May issue features an article on former US President John F. Kennedy. Like Abe, he was a trailblazing leader who, prior to his tragic assassination in 1963, had been planning the first visit to Japan by a sitting US president. At a time when JFK’s daughter, Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, represents US interests in Japan, the JFK legacy is alive and well.

Both Abe and former US President Bill Clinton spoke at a symposium honoring the late leader, emphasizing the impact his ideals—public service, global citizenship, diplomacy, inclusion, as well as science and innovation—had on their own political careers.

New media
One of our syndicate partners this month is Fast Company, with a feature listing familiar items and brands that have made impressive comebacks over the past 20 years. Apple, General Motors, Marvel, and Delta top the list, and can all serve as inspiration for ailing marques in need of resuscitation.

Also included is an interview with the editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Japan, who says the site is intended as a two-way forum for readers to comment on issues of the day and interact with people in power.

We hold a similar vision for The Journal. So far we’ve received some positive feedback on the relaunch, regarding both content (“It’s like a breath of fresh air”) and design (“It looks like it should be in a bookstore”). The best way for you to get the magazine you want is by asking for it, so please let us know how we’re doing by writing to

Finally, this will be my last issue before going on maternity leave. I look forward to catching up with each of you in the fall, and until then, my colleague John Amari will be taking care of The Journal.