The Journal The Authority on Global Business in Japan

Since the relaunch of this magazine in April, we have been receiving regular feedback from the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) leaders and other members, which is helping us further improve the publication and stay relevant in this rapidly evolving media space.

Establishing The Journal as The Authority on Global Business in Japan is no easy task, especially in this era of online media overload and so-called citizen journalism. We rely on your continuous input and suggestions to help us achieve this ambitious goal.

Compelling Content
As always, we pride ourselves on featuring ACCJ people, events, and advocacy.

In the front section of the magazine, meanwhile, we are constantly striving to provide other compelling content, by journalists who delve deeply into and objectively research market trends, as well as interview experts to bring readers unbiased coverage on diverse topics.

We hope our wide selection of engaging partner content keeps you abreast of local and global media developments.

Funded entirely by advertising in a fiercely competitive market, we are occasionally asked if a print publication is still relevant. Should we move to a digital-only product?

Although we continue considering ways to migrate online, the answer is likely to remain no for a while. The reasons for having a hard copy issue are varied.

The convenience of paper is obvious: the ability to read a magazine almost anywhere, anytime without Internet connectivity or battery life considerations. Take it to lunch, peruse it on the train, or read it at your desk.

Then there’s the distraction of being inundated with online content, when one is just a click away from countless temptations.

When The Journal arrives in an envelope on readers’ desks, properly addressed and with niche content, it grabs recipients’ attention from among the seemingly endless, unfiltered digital offerings that land on a digital desktop around the clock.

Of course, the entire publication is online at with a complete PDF version of the publication that can be saved to any mobile device, allowing readers to experience the visual elements of the content on their device of choice.

Distribution is key
In this digital age, picking up The Journal at an airport lounge, hotel, or private club can be a welcome relief.

So we are always looking at ways to expand the publication’s reach beyond the ACCJ membership, and are working closely with select partners to increase distribution and widen the influence of the magazine.

Advertising trends
Achieving return on investment for every advertising yen spent on an ever-fragmented readership creates severe budget allocation challenges.

For a successful and impactful advertising campaign, we regularly advise clients on the importance of a cross-platform approach and to utilize all channels offered by the chamber: the ACCJ website, weekly e-newsletter, as well as the magazine in print and online.

Also to be factored in is the rise in content marketing, or sponsored content, as businesses increasingly need to inform and persuade savvy consumers of their offerings.

We encourage everyone to read, engage with, and utilize the magazine and the chamber’s various channels to promote your business.