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VASHON/Seattle’s Best Coffee is an American-style restaurant and café in Tokyo that has a home-away-from-home feeling enjoyed by the city’s expat community and locals alike.

Based on Seattle’s famous food and drinks culture—Seattle’s Best Coffee was established on the city’s Waterfront in the 1970s—VASHON and its American partner serve specialty coffee as well as homemade burgers and pizzas, large salads, and a selection of fine American wines and craft beers, not to mention a variety of original soft drinks.

“VASHON is an all-day-use café and restaurant,” the company’s Supervisor and spokesperson says. “In the morning we serve original drinks by Seattle’s Best Coffee, while the VASHON restaurant opens from lunch until dinner time.”

Tucked away in Nihonbashi, one of Tokyo’s bustling business districts, the café–restaurant’s comfortable seating, high ceilings, and wide windows permitting natural light make for a relaxed atmosphere aided by subtle background music.


Also located in Shiba-koen, a stone’s throw away from Tokyo Tower and the sacred site of Zojo-ji, VASHON is an ideal getaway for large or small groups and the individual dinner.

In July, VASHON will have a special 4th of July offer for readers of The Journal. Details are available in this month’s edition of the magazine, and via the restaurant’s website.