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Attracting the market’s top talent is one of the biggest challenges currently facing organizations. The war for talent is fierce, and having a robust recruitment process that incorporates a strong employer branding strategy is essential.

When visiting a recruitment agency for the first time, top candidates are presented with multiple opportunities. In the Human Resources space, this could be as many as 20 positions. How does your organization stand out from the competition?

Brand power is important to make your organization stand out from the competition. This is easier to achieve for household names than for small businesses. Not every company is a recognized “employer of choice,” but you don’t have to be a big brand to have a compelling story.

Partnering with a well-known and trusted recruitment agency is key. A professional consultant who understands your organization’s structure, history, and people can convincingly sell your brand and overcome candidate objections and misconceptions. Working with too many agencies dilutes your message and leads to misinformation. This can suggest an unattractive working environment and dissuade applicants.

Employer branding, however, goes far beyond the strength of your name. Top candidates have the luxury of choosing their employer, and their experiences during the recruitment process strongly influence their decision to accept or reject an offer. Slow feedback or limited information, for example, suggests a strongly bureaucratic company culture. Questions about family or ability to work overtime may suggest limited career advancement opportunities, especially for female workers. Ensuring hiring managers are trained in employer branding and interviewing will increase your chances of securing the top candidate.

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