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The reputation of the recruitment industry is not always thought of in a positive light, but its place in Japan is becoming ever more relevant. The definition of career is changing, and in a candidate-short market it can be challenging to find the right people to fill a growing number of open jobs. Those seeking the best talent are turning to en world, whose focus on its core values bring customers the service that is right for them.

Changing the reputation of the recruitment industry is not en world’s only goal. The company also rethinks the way clients and candidates are approached, valuing quality, diverse capabilities, and success after joining above everything.

“One thing we are trying to do is focus on training and development,” said Yu Sato, vice president, Japan Sales.

It is this training that helps our staff develop and gain better knowledge and experience as professional recruiters.

Kevin Naylor, vice president, Japan Sales, agreed: “It’s something we have always taken a lot of pride in, and that connects with retention.”

A large part of ensuring reliable and effective service is having structures, processes, and standardization. This helps maintain a high level of trust with clients and candidates.

“It’s about partnering with the client and partnering with candidates so you can have a long-term relationship with them that enhances the client’s business and enhances the candidate’s career,” said new en world Japan President and Representative Director Vijay Deol.

Maintaining relationships beyond the first meeting is another priority for en world. Naylor explained that creating, through referral, a network that is harder to break from the outside is key.

This is what differentiates en world from other recruitment firms, and how it stays ahead of the competition.

“To work here, you have to believe in recruitment karma,” Naylor added. Building a relationship with a client is crucial—even if that client must be referred elsewhere—because, one day, that client may come back.

Coming up with a coherent plan is a large part of being able to find the right job or career. When advising a candidate, en world urges them to update their resume regularly and develop a relationship with a recruiter they can trust.

Clients should not look at recruitment firms as simply resume-forwarding services, as they will not get the best service with this outlook.

“Plan to decide when you want to move, and think about what is the next step in your career that makes sense,” said Deol.

To make that next step the right one, Sato stressed the importance of upholding en world’s philosophy of “success after joining,” which ensures that the candidate can maintain a high standard once they join a company.

Presenting both the positives and negatives to clients is also critical. “Candidates need to know the potential challenges ahead,” Sato said.

There are multiple factors for clients to consider when presenting job opportunities to the market. These include the type of industry, confidentiality, and what they want to emphasize.

“One thing that clients struggle with is communicating properly to the market,” Deol explained.

An issue with communication may arise as companies grow and recruitment functions become more bureaucratic, meaning that processes become less geared toward getting information to market. Specifically, communicating the position, conditions, why it’s open, and getting that to the right people in the market is imperative.

Returning to the company after five years, Deol outlined some of the goals he brings to his new role: “In order to meet those challenges and stay at the top, the company has to change as well. We need to constantly be aware of new challenges and be ready to change to find solutions. I want everybody to have the best career they possibly can.”

The demand for recruitment services will continue for the foreseeable future, he said, purely because of Japan’s demographic.

And en world Japan aims to maintain its position at the top of the market and continue to improve, providing quality customer service and focusing on teamwork within the company to get the best possible results.