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Lanis Yarzab, Managing Director, Spring professional

Lanis Yarzab, Managing Director, Spring professional

The IT market in Japan is looking healthier at the end of 2015 than we have seen in a number of years.

Hiring activity for IT professionals saw a strong demand for people working across the analytics, cloud solutions, and cyber security sectors.

The increased need for people with skill sets in these areas has been spurred by several factors, namely product innovation and organizations embracing new technologies to gain a competitive edge.

Businesses are seeking to achieve operational improvements and improved efficiency, and to help secure increased digital interactions with a diverse, globalized consumer and client base.

A rise in IT sales roles, including direct sales, partner sales and presales positions, demonstrates the increased expectation that multinational corporations have of aggressively growing market share across their services and solutions portfolio in an increasingly competitive environment.

The web and mobile development hiring market remains very candidate-driven, with companies specializing in social media/communications services and e-commerce giants all looking to expand their workforce.

These companies often compete against smaller, innovative start-ups that prove attractive to people who have a combination of technical, creative, and commercially minded skill sets.

Companies are on the lookout for people who can demonstrate high levels of language proficiency, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a desire to work in positions that may require international travel and/or involvement in global projects.

People who can add value to an organization undergoing large transformation programs are also highly desirable, such as business and systems analysts, project and program managers, data analysts, and solution and data architects.

We will continue to see enhanced demand for these functional roles throughout 2016.

For many jobseekers, the motivations for finding a new opportunity have remained relatively consistent: better work/life balance, an opportunity to progress in their career at a faster pace than their current employer could provide, and better pay.

Candidates who display the characteristics, technical skills, and competencies that multiple companies are seeking can find themselves with several job opportunities and offers.

Thus, companies serious about recruiting the best talent on the market must commit to a more streamlined recruitment process with clear role objectives, interview structure, communication and feedback processes, and agreed time-to-hire dates before going to market.

There has been a sharp increase in candidates with varied technical skills looking to switch companies to keep their skill sets fresh and relevant, and to ensure they remain attractive to employers in rapidly evolving and progressive industry sectors.

Employees are taking it upon themselves to invest in and update their skills, and attentive employers are supporting this initiative.

There has been a continued drive and focus on increasing diversity and inclusion in the Japan workplace.

We have helped advise on and develop innovative hiring strategies to increase female employee numbers in IT-specific or related roles, and have worked with our key clients to ensure internal progression programs are in place to fast-track these candidates to senior management positions.

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