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Dubbed the Magic City a little more than a century ago because of its rapid rise, Miami has a history that is as colorful as the town. Beautiful beaches, stunning art-deco architecture, and an amazing arts scene—plus creative cuisine and a dazzling nightlife—make it one of the most vibrant cities in the United States.

Miami is also home to more than 100 ethnicities, with residents speaking a multitude of languages. This diversity is echoed in the many neighborhoods that make up the city—from Little Haiti to Buena Vista to Little Havana. Many residents come from South America and the Caribbean.

Another moniker given to Miami is Gateway to Latin America, and the city’s cuisine, art, and entertainment reflect this rich heritage. We look forward to bringing you an evening of entertainment and dining as diverse as the city itself, and our theme for this year’s Charity Ball focuses on these Latin American roots with the energy and talents of Cuban-born musician Alexander Laborde Padron.

Padron began singing and playing guitar at an early age, and his studies in Havana included instruction with the director of the Cuban National Opera and singing with the National Polyphonic Chorus. He has made Tokyo his home since 2004, and has been active in promoting Latin music across Japan—often collaborating with Latin music stars when they visit. His own musical style varies from salsa to ballads, which he blends with unique guitar stylings and a voice that captures the hearts of the seasoned Latin-music fan and first-time listener alike.

With family in Miami, Padron knows the sounds of the street there, and is passionate about creating a real sense of the city for us through an evening of music that will bring Miami to Tokyo.

Your evening will begin in the heart of South America, as our reception will be filled with the sounds of the Andes, performed by Winay del Peru. This folk style was made famous by Simon and Garfunkel’s “El Condor Pasa,” one of the best-known Peruvian songs in the United States, and is a sound you will hear often in the street festivals of Miami.

As we move through the evening, Afro-Cuban group Ventu Rumberos will invite us into the ballroom to kick off the night. Think rumba!

Padron’s own band, Alexander LP and Havana Son, will take us through the rest of the evening from dinner music to dancing, quiet guitar to salsa, Latin jazz to the sounds of the Buena Vista Social Club—which famously revived the music of pre-revolutionary Cuba in 1996. When the band strikes up, you won’t be able to stand still!

But this evening is not just an exciting and fun social event; it’s a way for the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan to give back to the community. With this in mind, we hope that you will support the Charity Ball by attending or becoming a sponsor. We look forward to seeing you there and welcoming you to Miami!

December 2 at the Hilton Tokyo in Shinjuku
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Barbara Hancock is chair, and Lori Hewlett and Kevin Naylor are vice-chairs, of the Charity Ball Committee.