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Japan has long been considered one of the most challenging countries in which to recruit. There are many reasons for this, including unique cultural traits, an aging population, a decreasing birthrate, a shortage of talent, inadequate English-language education, and strict immigration policies. Year after year, companies experience difficulties attracting talent. It takes patience, money, and creativity to find not only great candidates, but to convince them to come aboard.

WENOtech Co., Ltd., provider of, aims to support companies on all fronts with its Japanese bilingual software as a service (SaaS) platform for recruitment. The ACCJ Journal sat down with founder and chief executive officer Fabien Brogard Cipriani to learn more about how companies and their human resources (HR) departments have been benefiting from the system.

Before founding WENOtech, Brogard Cipriani led the talent acquisition teams at Apple Inc. and Tesla Motors Inc. in Japan and
South Korea. With such experience, he came to under­stand the intricacies of the Japanese market and the importance of adding speed and emotional intelligence (EI) to recruitment strategy.

“In a candidate-driven market, what determines recruit­ment success is your HR team’s ability to save time. By leveraging new HR technologies, they can simplify and automate the hiring process and engage with potential candidates. They can build a closer connection with them, just as a salesperson would with a potential customer,” he explained. “The key is for HR recruiters to keep their data organized and to remove as much friction as they can from the hiring process. By doing so, they can make things as easy as possible for hiring managers, candidates, and recruiting agency partners.”

The scope of the recruiter’s role is evolving rapidly. Gone are the days when HR recruitment was simply an administrative function. It now requires skills and expertise in areas such as branding, advertising campaign development, social media content strategy, and data analytics.

In Japan, 80 percent of job seekers check a company’s website for job listings and career information before applying. This is true whether they apply directly online or through a recruitment agency.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn have become an essen­tial part of people’s lives, and companies frequently use these to promote career opportunities and brand themselves as an employer of choice.

As the scope of the recruitment pro­fession evolves, companies and their leaders must make a con­tinuous effort to empower HR. To succeed, they must equip the HR team with tools designed to perform an growing range of tasks and responsibilities as efficiently as possible.

This is where HirePlanner comes in. A web-based bilingual recruitment platform designed to help companies attract top talent in Japan, HirePlanner offers a complete set of recruitment solutions starting at just ¥25,000 per month. It has been built to simplify your hiring journey every step of the way by providing:

  • Job postings
  • Online advertising
  • Branding tools
  • Social media integration
  • Website integration
  • Interview scheduling tools
  • Agency management tools
  • Messaging system

Thanks to Hireplanner, numerous brands have drastically reduced their administrative workload and overall cost per hire while keeping data secure. They are also offering a much greater recruiting experience to both candidates and agency business partners.