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June 2014
2014 Global Randstad Award
Sony runner-up in most attractive employer poll
By Megan Waters

Presented to the most attractive employer, the Randstad Award, for the first time in its 14-year history, has announced a global winner.

Out of 50 eligible companies, BMW claimed the sought-after top spot, with 61 percent of the vote, while Sony Corporation was named first runner-up, and the Samsung Group second runner-up.

Randstad surveyed about 200,000 men and women aged between 18 and 65 in 23 countries and regions. Respondents were asked to choose from a list of 50 companies that meet certain criteria, such as wide-ranging global operations.

The Japanese electronics company received high marks for offering interesting job experience, but lost out in other categories including salary and working environment.

“In today’s increasingly mismatched global labor market, strong employer brands are crucial to attract and retain the right talent,” said Randstad Holding CEO Jacques van den Broek.

“Reasons why people choose certain employers differ greatly. There is no single set of characteristics that will attract everyone. Employer branding is highly nuanced, individual, and multi-dimensional, and creating a compelling brand is, therefore, more of an art than a science.

“Nations, companies, and individuals all have slightly different desires, and an employer brand ought to try and showcase the things that cause an organization to be unique,” he said.

The award is special in that companies cannot apply or pay to take part in the survey, and the prize is the only one that represents “the people’s choice.” Further, to eliminate the advantage well-known organizations could have over lesser-known ones, Randstad uses relative attractiveness as the decisive metric. This is the score indicating where a person stands, within a specified normative sample of respondents who know the company and would like to work for it.

Finally, the Randstad survey not only measures overall attractiveness, but also positions the companies on criteria that define the attractiveness of an employer. This information can then be used to improve a company’s attractiveness.

Through the Global Randstad Award process, it has been revealed that employer attractiveness has increased by 4 percent globally year on year.

IT was found to be the industry sector that was most attractive to employees, with Life Sciences and Consulting the next most attractive industries in which to work.

Past winners of the Randstad Award experienced a positive impact on the quantity and quality of job applicants.

According to Tomoko Adachi, HR general manager of second-place Sony Corporation: “Sony as a brand has a longstanding history and we are proud to be held in such high regard across the global marketplace.

“As a global company we offer broad opportunities for our employees and we remain committed to seeking unique and talented individuals who share our passion for giving customers the very best experiences in any products and services we deliver.”





Megan Waters