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May 2014
Why Use a Recruitment Agency?
By Naeem Iqbal

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur,” is a great quote by innovator Red Adair that sums up both sides of the argument for and against using recruitment services.

Although Adair worked in the oil-well firefighting industry, the qualities he looked for when hiring are the same as those desired in any office: skilled, experienced, loyal, and hard working individuals with strong communication skills.

Even with the requirements that most companies consider commonplace, finding the proverbial needle in the haystack proves to be an amazingly challenging task.

When recruiting alone, how can you be sure you are hiring a professional? Short answer: you can’t.

Even after the intensive CV screenings and the in-depth interviews, the amateur can still easily—and often does—slip through the cracks; companies often incorrectly mistake strong interviewing skills for someone that can do the job. Thus, if you have the opportunity to consult with a specialist within the recruitment industry, therefore minimizing the risk of an incorrect hire, there is no reason to do otherwise.

Further, there are several internal obstacles that a company encounters when handling their own recruitment, including an overall lack of resources, not knowing where to search for candidates, an unbiased perspective of your company and its standing in the market, no marketing budget for recruitment advertising, and allocating time away from your other tasks to conduct recruitment activities.

So why not utilize a professional recruitment service that will allow you to save time and money in the long run?

If absolutely needed, any company can hire by themselves. However, the hiring in these cases tends to take place because there is no other option. This simply isn’t good enough and the results will show after the new hire starts working.

Simply put, recruitment is a specialty. When you outsource your accounting duties to one of the Big Four, you are trusting professionals. Or when you outsource your IT helpdesk, you are looking for specialists to handle these responsibilities. Recruitment is the same; we are professionals, we are the specialists, we are the experts on how to hire.

We invest our time, energy, resources, and professional lives into meeting candidates, building networks, learning, and knowing everything about our specializations. As a company, we meet hundreds of professionals every week, are constantly networking, and invest all our resources into attracting the best talent to our firm, so we can provide the best service to our clients.

We understand your industry, your competitors, your challenges, and your goals. We know which candidates have moved companies recently and who is looking to move. In addition, our recruiters have experience working within the industry they cover and understand firsthand what companies look for and what candidates want.

Further, the best recruiters in the industry are consultants. We work with our clients to explain what talent is available in the market and what is a reasonable goal for a particular position or search. We help clients understand and differentiate among the plausible, reality, and the impossible.

On the other side, we work very closely with candidates to understand their real personality, desires, and goals. And then we consult with our clients and make a recommendation.

We also understand the candidates’ real situation: where else are they interviewing? What are their concerns about your company? What are they excited about? Is the approved salary budget within their current salary expectations? What are the working hours? Paid holidays? This is all important information to a candidate, but they can’t talk about these things during an interview for fear that it will lose them the job (and, in most cases, it would).

We help bridge that gap, and make sure that all essential information is provided to the necessary parties so everyone can make informed decisions and, ultimately, the company can successfully hire a professional.

Recruitment agencies save clients time, resources, and energy. We help locate the best professionals in the market and, as specialists, we ensure that you hire the professional, not the amateur.

Naeem Iqbal is the managing director of Intelligence Global Search.