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Why consider a career in recruitment?
When it comes to a career in the recruitment industry, there are countless perks. Here are three which make it such an exciting and dynamic field in which to work.

  1. Your own business, your own brand
    Essentially, you are your own boss. You manage all of your accounts, your relationships, and your reputation with clients and candidates. You have total control over who you work with and how you manage your day-to-day schedule. Of course, you still get to work in a team environment in which colleagues and managers provide solutions and advice.
  2. Rewards orientated
    It’s one of those industries in which your successes are clearly visible and have a direct impact on your salary. Frankly, the better you are, the higher your earning potential!
  3. Relationship focused
    One of the most gratifying parts of this job is the rewarding feeling of closing a deal you’ve worked hard on for three solid months, and, at the same time, meeting the requirements of candidate and client while developing long-term relation­ships with both. After all, what is more significant than a life-changing opportunity such as finding a new job?

Want to learn more?
As the bilingual arm of the Japanese recruitment giant Recruit Group, RGF Professional Recruitment is a highly respected recruitment agency that provides opportunities to bilingual candidates and global companies. We have openings for those interested in working with us in this lucrative and dynamic industry. Please visit or contact Sarah Onishi at for a confidential chat today!

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