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The way that people purchase shirts has remained virtually unchanged for 100 years. In 2015, Jin Koh realized the time was ripe to inject technology into the equation.

His solution was Original Stitch, and just 18 months later the company has earned a reputation for delivering shirts that reflect the men that wear them. Each month, Original Stitch sells more than 3,500 custom-made shirts through its website—more than Nordstrom, Macy’s, or Isetan.

“I saw an opportunity to use software to innovate new purchasing behavior in consumers, and to disrupt the underlying business model,” says 35-year-old Jin.

The problem for traditional shirt makers has been a lack of technical insight combined with little ability to develop new business models to capitalize on new opportunities, said Jin, who is originally from Malaysia. He has lived in San Francisco—where he set up the company in 2015—since he was 15.

Today, 90 percent of his staff are engineers, and every one of his employees has a technical background, as opposed to a sales or tailoring one.

“We develop software that is based in data science, computer vision, and artificial intelligence to outperform traditional players,” said Jin.

“Our software is better at selling than your salesperson,” he said. “Our bots are better at understanding your style and preferences than your own stylist. Our sizing technology is more accurate than your tailor. Our distribution reaches further than all your retail stores combined.

“We can acquire a customer at one-tenth the cost and 10 times the speed that traditional companies can—and that is just with a team of 18 people in one year,” he emphasized. “Imagine what we can do to this industry in the next decade.”

Customers start by ordering all the unique components of their custom-made shirt—including numerous size requirements, colors, materials, and cut—through the Original Stitch website. The shirt is then handcrafted in Japan and delivered quite remarkably within seven days. Other online shirt makers take double the time to deliver, while retailers can take as many as 30 days.

And customers have been impressed with the service, the product, and the attention to detail.

Leon Houwelingen, 37, CEO at Tokyo-based premium food importer Daabon Organic, said that delivery, service, packaging, and product were excellent. “The fabric is very high quality and feels smooth and comfortable against my skin. At more than 2 meters tall, my biggest problem is finding long enough sleeves. However, the automatic general length calculator for the sleeves worked perfectly for me.”

Simon Farrell, publisher at award-winning Tokyo-based creative agency Custom Media, has two Original Stitch shirts—one for the office and one Hawaii-style—and he is delighted with both. Farrell, 56, says that for many tall, large, or otherwise non-standard-sized expats in Japan, it’s a challenge to find quality clothes for work or leisure that look good, feel comfortable, fit properly, and are good value. “Add that they are custom-made, guaranteed and actually fun to order, and you have a winning combination,” he says.

“Original Stitch lets you order online after browsing dozens of fabrics, patterns, colors, buttons, collars, sleeves, pockets, and pleats at your own pace.”

Nervous about ordering online? Farrell says peace of mind is paramount: “As free services, you even get to change your design within a limited post-order period, or have it redone if the fit isn’t perfect upon delivery.”

Many others agree. Sales have grown 30 percent month over month, while third-quarter sales in 2016 were up 410 percent compared with the same period a year earlier.

Setting up your own company is not for the faint of heart, Jin agrees—he spent the nights during the first two weeks of operations sleeping on the factory floor—but the results have been worth it.

His next aim, he says, is to “create a zero-waste, sustainable ecosystem for the production of apparel goods, and a business model to capture profits at an Internet scale.” And, of course, to make men look extremely stylish.

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The shirt is then handcrafted in Japan and delivered quite remarkably within seven days.