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Jumpasut began her role in February.

As one of the recent additions to the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) staff, Palarp Jumpasut brings a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm to her newly created role.

What attracted you to this job and the ACCJ?
My role is a new one at the ACCJ. Historically, all my prior roles within organizations have also been new. With any first-time job, you can cast the net of opportunity as wide as you would like and stretch your skill set, all while delving into realms that existing roles may not provide. This really excites me.

The ACCJ is an exceptional organization that uniquely marries private- and government-sector needs. Members volunteer their time to create an effective, efficient working environment for all stakeholders, and I want to be a part of that story.

What does your new role encompass?
Essentially, my role is to ensure that the ACCJ office runs smoothly and that Executive Director Laura Younger has everything she needs to do her job. This includes developing and implementing policies, working with each department head to promote best practices and good governance, and assisting Laura with new strategies.

I attend the monthly Board of Governors and Executive Committee meetings, and make every attempt to attend as many ACCJ programs and committee meetings as possible.

What is your professional background?
Prior to arriving here in February, I worked at the World Bank Group in Washington D.C. for seven years, in the Financial & Private Sector Development section.

During the last four years I worked closely with the vice president on reorganizing our section. Ours was the first vice presidency in the group to undergo an intensive restructuring, to reduce silos and encourage a greater flow of information and resources from staff in D.C. to staff in other country offices.

Before the World Bank Group, I headed up the capital markets team at the financial information company SNL Financial in New York and Virginia.

What are your objectives over the coming years?
One of the key initiatives Laura and I have earmarked for the next five years is to set realistic, achievable goals for the ACCJ. As for personal objectives, I would like to explore Japan, namely its culture and heritage.

Describe your ideal weekend.
One of my passions is running. An ideal weekend would start with a run by the Sumida-gawa, followed by lunch with friends, perhaps a browse around some bookshops, and then drinks and dinner.