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For software companies entering a new market or operating in multiple countries, maintaining consistency in operations can be difficult. Particularly in Asia, clients expect software to be fully localized. Further standardizing software and systems across the company is important for efficient and effective operations, but staff may resist when the user interface (UI) is not available in their language. Creating different versions of the UI can be time consuming and costly—and, in some cases, impossible.

But Fidel Technologies has a patented solution called Linguify that makes localization quick and easy. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced algorithms, Linguify can transform the UI of any web-based, desktop, or mobile enterprise application from any given language to another without the need to modify the source code. A standard virtual machine is used, so no special hardware is required, and localization takes just eight weeks.

How does Linguify work?
Text from the UI is extracted without any access to the database or source code, and is then translated, reviewed, and added to the run-time engine, which acts as a reverse proxy and can be installed on a local or cloud server. For desktop or client–server type applications, a library is installed that intercepts the UI and replaces it with the translation. For example, if the applica­tion has an English interface but the user needs a Japanese one, Linguify will provide translated content from the dictionary in real time—so quickly, in fact, the user doesn’t notice.

Linguify can also localize certain data—such as master data using a phonetic transliteration engine—flip the screen from right to left in the case of Arabic, and change the date, currency formats, and server time display depending on the locale.

What are examples of Linguify in real-world use?
Some banks in India have deployed Linguify to localize the UI in Indian languages, and a leading Japanese software developer has localized some of their CRM and IT asset management cloud applications. QuickBooks is a popular accounting package that is only available in English. Because it is has become a standard, companies want to deploy it across their global operations, thus we have developed a Spanish-language version for Mexico and Latin America. Microsoft Dynamics SL is another example where the parent company does not provide certain language packs, so we have created localized versions in Spanish and French. Any type of software—including reporting, analytics, and customer relationship management tools—can be localized using Linguify, benefiting a wide range of industries, such as banking, insurance, logistics, and manufacturing.

Who does the translation?
Although we use AI and advanced algorithms to localize appli­cations, the translations themselves are produced manually to assure the highest quality. If the client is using a translation agency or has in-house translators, they can provide their own translations. For those who need assistance, we have professional translators and reviewers who can help. In any case, the client is asked to review the content before the dictionary is finalized.

How much work is required on the client side?
Almost none. Since the underlying source code is untouched, Linguify is more like a reskinning of the existing UI. No involve­ment of the client’s product team or IT team is required for the localization process. For deployment, help may be needed to set up the hosting server. Training may also be arranged.

Are there security or compliance concerns?
Any time a software system is modified, questions about security arise. Linguify is a fully external solution—an application’s source code and database are never touched—so it is a secure process that meets regulatory requirements.

How much does it cost?
We offer enterprise licenses and annual maintenance contracts, and are also exploring a software-as-a-service model for cloud applications.

Why Linguify?

  • No change to source code or database
  • Minimal or no disruption to operations
  • Localize screens & reports, print in the local language
  • Ready to go in less than eight weeks
  • Works with any application or platform


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Linguify will provide translated content so quickly, in fact, the user doesn’t notice.