The Journal The Authority on Global Business in Japan

This issue marks the launch of an improved Journal that has been in planning for months.

Members of the Communications Advisory Council have, in consultation with other American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) leaders, worked closely with the publishers of The Journal, Custom Media, to bring you a refreshed magazine concept.

Our revised concept for the publication—“the authority on global business in Japan”—emanates from the ACCJ’s communications mission to lead the conversation on global business in Japan.

The Journal is emblematic of an ongoing effort by the ACCJ to enhance communications with members and the public at large, by becoming more interactive and relevant, as well as focusing on in-depth reporting, as we take advantage of new opportunities in the digital realm.

This is part of a larger, strategic effort to transform the ACCJ into a more nimble organization that is responsive to the evolving needs of members, to Japan, and to the future of the US–Japan relationship, looking ahead to the opportunity for groundbreaking changes in 2020 to coincide with Tokyo’s hosting of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The new Journal has been designed from the ground up, to delve into exciting, bold new areas, while also maintaining the traditions and historical content to which members have become accustomed.

It builds on the ACCJ’s prestigious reputation and the action-packed schedule of chamber news and events that we have come to expect, adding new opinions, analysis, and cutting-edge content from professional writers and media organizations in high-quality, long-form journalism.

It is essentially designed as two publications in one: the first section is devoted to insights on the issues facing businesspeople in Japan; the second provides highlights of ACCJ news and events with more concise, focused reporting on chamber activities that matter most to you.

Articles will include expert commentary by journalists with experience in media outlets such as Bloomberg, the Nikkei, and Reuters.

Regular columns will appear in monthly installments on a rotational basis, and we’re also adding syndicated content from select partners such as Nikkei Asian Review, Fast Company, and The Diplomat, together with translations from Japanese media sources.

There will be coverage of social media highlights as well, in case you missed what’s trending on Twitter or LinkedIn.

A key feature of The Journal is the magazine’s integration with digital. Just as before, all articles in the print publication will be available online. The chamber section of The Journal website will also link to the ACCJ homepage, which is updated in real time.

The ACCJ site offers summaries and take-aways from events, video highlights, and an array of photos of members in action. We welcome members’ contributions for the magazine or the ACCJ website, with potential content including your opinions on topics related to Japanese and global business, finance, economics, sports, culture, and politics, as well as popular reviews of books, films, and restaurants.

Look for more changes in the coming year on the ACCJ’s website, as we transform it into a content hub for ideas, moving our events and programs into a digital-friendly format. We aim to bring the wealth of great ACCJ content that has until now largely been shared only in meetings to a wider chamber audience.

This will enable all members to access relevant information they might have otherwise missed—because of a schedule conflict or business trip, or because they were simply too busy to get across town.

As the ACCJ Board of Governors and the leadership continue their strategic planning to make the chamber even more relevant for members and society by 2020, communications will be key.

We look forward to your thoughts and ideas, as well as your contributions. Drop a note into the virtual comment box at, or email me directly at

KushnerBio Divider

By Jonathan Kushner

Vice President, ACCJ


A key feature of The Journal is the magazine’s integration with digital.