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Tokyo Counseling Services

It’s not unreasonable to be feeling overwhelmed at this time. You can reach out to us and share this terrible sense of the unknown and get support from us all at Team TCS. We are here for you now.

Andrew Grimes Founder and director

Tokyo Counseling Services (TCS) was founded in May 1999 by Andrew Grimes JCP, JSCCP, M.Sc. in Psychotherapy. Under Andrew’s direction, TCS has grown and now provides support to all residents throughout Japan.

  • Our full Team TCS comprises 27 qualified and experienced counselors and psychotherapists who provide professional emotional and psychological support to all residents in Tokyo and throughout Japan.

  • Our clients choose Tokyo Counseling Services because we have a strong word-of-mouth reputation for providing, seven days a week, immediate and effective support that includes individual, family, child, adolescent, couples, and marriage counseling and therapy for anyone experiencing undue stress, anxieties, depression, or severe mental health conditions. We also help people who are facing problems with abuse of alcohol and other substances, as well as domestic violence.

  • All of us at Team TCS are non-judgmental, professional, and experienced counselors and psychotherapists who are focused on individual client needs. We sincerely care to help and support anyone in personal stress and crisis, and work together with all our clients to find effective, long-lasting solutions to the problems they are facing in their lives.