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Continuing Education at Temple University, Japan Campus

Universities should support the educational needs of the whole community, not just those 18-24. Since 1996, we have helped everyone from fresh grads to retirees improve their lives and careers.

Justin Sanders, PhD Director

TUJ Continuing Education offers a wide array of locally and globally relevant professional certificates, courses, and workshops.

  • Our expertise lies in business and management, professional training, language development, and cultural studies. Our core principles include practical and relevant skill development, industry expertise, as well as active and engaged peer-to-peer learning.

  • Our style of adult education delivered in English is rare in Japan. Most participants come for the wide selection of courses, professional advancement, language development, skill development, and to explore personal interests.

  • Courses offer structured and progressive study to keep you committed. They also combine international knowledge with local application, and offer a deeper understanding through practice, discussion, and a shared learning experience.