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For those visiting Japan, a stay at a ryokan—or traditional inn—has become an experience not to be missed. But as these getaways are typically located in the countryside, and many business travelers only make it to Tokyo, opportunities to immerse oneself in hot spring baths, as well as enjoy sleeping in tatami-floored rooms, and eating seasonal cuisine—pleasures that have made the ryokan so popular—do not present themselves easily.

Hoshinoya Tokyo, situated in Otemachi near Tokyo Station, makes this tradition accessible to visitors by putting the experience of authentic Japan in the heart of the cosmopolitan capital.

At Hoshino Resorts, we have 100 years of expertise in creating resorts from elements that are indigenous to their remote locations. Yet when I was first given the opportunity to build a resort in Tokyo, I found myself at a loss. After all, the charms of the city are already well known to so many people around the world. But then I realized that what makes Japan unique is the way in which the people take traditions and evolve them, rather than discard them as antiquated. There are many elements of traditional Japanese culture that are slowly disappearing from Tokyo—but they don’t have to. That was how I arrived at the idea of a “tower ryokan.”


The modern Tokyoite does not see a place for a ryokan in the city. But if the tranquility that has made these inns an integral part of Japanese tradition could evolve to become even more accommodating and intuitive than the Western hotel, the ryokan culture could thrive in the city instead of fading away.

To stay at a ryokan means to enjoy the local geography, customs, and seasonal delights in the particular way suggested by the inn itself. It is both a destination and a getaway, where one goes to leave one’s cares behind. At Hoshinoya Tokyo, this is true even as the city bustles around you. There are elements hidden throughout the building that reveal themselves on different days and at different times. Upon entering, you’re whisked off to another world filled with the joys of seasonal decor, food, and friendship that can only be discovered in a ryokan.

At Hoshinoya Tokyo, you have everything that you need to experience the true Japan without leaving the city. Enjoy the valuable moments of this once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

Yoshiharu Hoshino is CEO of Hoshino Resorts
It is both a destination and a getaway, where one goes to leave one’s cares behind.