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When living abroad, women often miss the comfort of easily visiting trusted beauty professionals, be they hairdressers, nail technicians, or masseurs.

Massage styles and beauty products differ widely from country to country. And what non-Japanese woman, desiring a bronzed countenance, hasn’t lamented the mistaken purchase in Japan of a whitening face product?

Socié’s spas in the Tokyo area cater to women seeking luxury beauty treatments. As one of the oldest chains of beauty salons in Japan, Socié has a 55-year history of catering to women’s needs, top to toe. With convenient locations in Roppongi (Hotel Okura), Ginza (Beauty Avenue), and Tokyo Station (Spa Tokione), ladies can enjoy a pampered excursion combined with shopping and dining out.

Lori Hewlett, director at Hynd K.K., visited the group’s Spa Tokione at Tokyo Station, saying, “I would definitely recommend it to a friend living in Japan or traveling here. It would be a wonderful treat arriving at Tokyo Station after a long journey.”

Spa days should provide an antidote to our rushed daily lives. When booking a treatment with Socié, allow plenty of time before and after the treatment to enjoy the facilities.

While the layout varies by location, each is bright and spacious, with many treatment rooms and dedicated changing facilities. Guests are encouraged to use the centers’ jacuzzi, sauna, and steam rooms before or after their treatment. Consultations can take as long as you allow before a treatment, to ensure your esthetician caters to your individual preferences.

At each facility staff are beautifully dressed and polished, paying attention to their own makeup and appearance in a way that makes guests want to follow their lead.

Products are provided for sampling at the salon after a treatment, so in most cases women don’t need to bring their own makeup to touch up after a facial.

Personalized service is at the heart of Socié’s customer-focused philosophy.

Estheticians offer extensive consultations (in English on request) for each client, often taking notes and touching clients’ skin. They ask questions about physical condition, skin type, problem areas, and treatment preferences. They are trained to listen to and observe each client, and can recommend the best treatment plan at the spa as well as steps for follow-up care at home.

Chanyn Kirtman, a mother of two who had an anti-aging facial at Socié’s Beauty Avenue in Ginza, said: “I was impressed with the level of communication regarding each step of the facial, as well as my skin issues and products that will help me. In the past, I’ve had a hard time with language barriers at salons here.” She commented on feeling “rejuvenated” after the treatment, with glowing skin.

Socié spas offer a variety of products that, like the layout, can vary by location. Sothys and Guerlain are found in multiple locations, with the Hotel Okura location branded as a Guerlain spa. These products tend to be heavier than many Japanese offerings, and are well suited to dry skin—perfect for Tokyo winters.

Entrance to Spa Tokione at Tokyo Station

Entrance to Spa Tokione at Tokyo Station

For customers having facials, staff are careful to suggest, but not push, products based on the client’s preferences and skin condition.
Betsy Rogers—program director of the international training program and competition JMEC—had a facial at Beauty Avenue and appreciated the seaweed-based creams her esthetician used. She had expressed a dislike of citrus products that had felt too acidic in previous facials.

Lanis Yarzab, managing director at Spring Professional, mentioned in her consultation at the Hotel Okura that she was sensitive to fragranced products, so the esthetician was careful to select products with little or no smell.

Estheticians at Socié spas receive extensive training in their field. They pride themselves on the fact that their approach is hands-on—literally. Very little machinery or supplemental technology is used during treatments, with an emphasis instead on a traditional healing touch. Beauticians use their hands during each phase of a treatment.

Treatment room at Beauty Avenue Socié Ginza

Treatment room at Beauty Avenue Socié Ginza

Hynd’s Hewlett had a moisturizing oil massage at Spa Tokione. She commented on how the pressure was just right, compared to previous massages she’s had in Tokyo, where the pressure was too weak to relieve stiff shoulders.

Relaxation room at Socié Hotel Okura

Relaxation room at Socié Hotel Okura

Massage is also included in the Socié anti-aging facial, which begins with a neck and shoulder rub and includes a massage of head and hands while a mask works its magic.

Yarzab says, “I thought [the head and hand massage during the mask] were wonderful. At other spas, I find the therapist leaves the room for 15 minutes at this stage. The massage made me relaxed and happy.”

Jacuzzi with mist sauna at Beauty Avenue Socié Ginza

Jacuzzi with mist sauna at Beauty Avenue Socié Ginza

Rogers was thrilled with the spa’s attention to detail. “They can just do no wrong; I didn’t want the treatment to end. Compared with other treatments I have had, it surpassed them all,” she shares.

Yarzab was equally impressed. “The actual quality of the products used and technique of the therapist were excellent. I would say the package as a whole is probably better than any I have experienced recently, and I’ve been to a wide variety of spas in the Tokyo area.”


Socié is offering special facial and body-treatment
packages especially for the winter and spring seasons.

Visit the website for details.

Beauty Avenue Socié Ginza
4-2-11 Ginza
Hulic Ginza Sukiyabashi Bldg. 5F
Tel: 03-5159-4136

Socié Hotel Okura
2-10-4 Toranomon
Hotel Okura Tokyo Annex 2F
Tel: 03-5562-9780

Spa Tokione at Tokyo Station
1-9-1 Marunouchi
The Tokyo Station Hotel B1F
Tel: 03-5220-1111