The Journal The Authority on Global Business in Japan

Our April issue of The ACCJ Journal focuses on science, technology, and bringing people together. From health­­­care to space explora­tion, entrepreneurship and innovation of all kinds are alive and well in Japan.

Ideas are borne of collaboration, and meeting the right people makes all the difference for individuals and startups. Three companies that we’ve dubbed “innovation incubators” are opening new facilities to make it easier for those with a dream to find the connections and funding needed to bring it to life. We talk to leaders of each to find out why they see Tokyo as their next big market.

Some of those entrepreneurs have their eyes set on the stars. When it comes to the private space industry, companies such as SpaceX in the United States may get the lion’s share of coverage; but there are many homegrown space businesses in Japan. We meet these visionaries to learn about the future of collaboration between government and the private sector in areas such as rocket development, new engine technology, satellites, and cleaning up Earth’s orbit.

Some creations were completed long ago, and preserving them for future generations is important. For Japan, two art forms—manga and anime—are threatened by the aging of the materials on which they were recorded. Some in the government are interested in preserving these works in a state-funded library. We ask industry experts about the steps that can be taken and the legal obstacles that must be overcome.

To achieve any of these things, we must first stay healthy; and that’s what is on the mind of global pharmaceutical maker AstraZeneca every day. The company is set for a groundbreaking year with six new treatments, and we sit down with its new Japan President Stefan Woxström to learn about their breakthroughs, the experience and lessons he brings from Sweden to Japan, and what the future holds for Japanese patients.

All of these things tie in to one of the ACCJ’s most important focuses: advocacy. We sit down with vice presidents Amy Jackson, Jonathan Kushner, and Yoshitaka Sugihara for a round­­table on the chamber’s refreshed strategy and how the five themes at its core will help the ACCJ better deliver on its mission.

Christopher Bryan Jones is Editor-in-Chief of The ACCJ Journal. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, he has lived in Japan since 1997.