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Our May issue of The ACCJ Journal focuses on bringing people together and building a better world. From renewable resources and diversity to cuisine and culture, we look at the ways in which business is bringing people together and creating better lives.

Few things foster friendship like great food. Dining together opens doors to cultural exchange, and culinary entrepreneurs in Tokyo see it as a key part of Japan’s efforts to boost tourism. We talk to two companies that connect food lovers with Japanese tradition, one of which also brings the world to Japan by welcoming Japanese foodies into the homes of expats. Read here

Long a mainstay of supermarkets in the United States, organic food has yet to find a foothold in Japan. But as the recent Foodex trade show made clear, US producers see Japan as a market ripe for growth. We talk to some of those who exhibited at this year’s event about their products, their plans, and the challenges they face doing business here. Read here

Sustainability is a hot topic—especially when it comes to alternative energy sources. Electric cars get all the buzz, but they aren’t the only road leading away from fossil fuels. The most abundant element in the universe—hydrogen—may hold the key to clean and efficient transportation. We talk to experts about fuel-cell technology, how it can be used to power vehicles, and why Japan wants to expand its network of hydrogen refueling stations. Read here

No matter what we set out to achieve, we’re in better position for success when we have a diverse team. We take stock of diversity and inclusion efforts in corporate Japan to find out if the local market is keeping up with the changing needs of society and building the teams that are necessary to compete on the global stage. Read here

Lastly, the ACCJ has announced the renewal of its lease in the Masonic 39 MT Building in Tokyo. The new lease runs through 2023, keeping the ACCJ office in its present location for the next five years. Multiple properties and lease options were considered before coming to this decision, but it was decided that the Azabudai location and the existing facilities remain the best choice for advancing the chamber’s agenda.

Christopher Bryan Jones is Editor-in-Chief of The ACCJ Journal. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, he has lived in Japan since 1997.
Our May issue of The ACCJ Journal focuses on bringing people together and building a better world.