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September 2013

Leading real estate agency increases services for professionals

The Sakura Group offers a range of services for professionals through their Sakura House, Sakura Hotels and Business Garden sister companies.

Masayo Namiki, sales manager at Sakura House and Hotels states that, “Over the past 10 years I have witnessed a drastic increase in the number of guests who are professionals, so our services have expanded and adapted to suit their needs.”

Sakura House has provided monthly accommodation to Tokyo’s foreign community since 1992. Sakura House now offers an impressive 1,724 rooms at 167 locations in Tokyo and has developed efficient, reliable service and reservation systems.

Sakura Hotel offers daily and weekly stays and is a great alternative for professionals on short business trips. The company’s four hotels and hostels are conveniently located in Ikebukuro, Hatagaya, Jimbocho, and Asakusa.

This enables professionals to be close to their work/meeting places and to more easily adjust to life in Japan.

Business Garden launched its business in 1995, with 24 small offices in Shimbashi for use by businesspeople.

Since then, the company has spread to five additional central Tokyo locations, including Shinjuku.

Business Garden has expanded its target to now include overseas customers. “We provide all services in English, using bilingual staff who are on-site,” said staffer Miki Kimura.

The company’s expanded services include setting up social and business gatherings for entrepreneurs who have just started their own business to facilitate connections with other tenants who are in the same line of business. “We also assist clients to find reliable lawyers and tax accountants, who can help them through the steps necessary to start a business,” Kimura added.