The Journal The Authority on Global Business in Japan


January 2014

Above Board
The chamber is fortunate to have exceptional leaders

The ACCJ has long been blessed with outstanding leadership by members. The 2013 Board of Governors—under Larry Bates as president and Mike Alfant as Chairman—continued this tradition.

Below are excerpts of the certificates presented to outgoing ACCJ governors at the last board meeting of the year, held on December 10.

Bruce Ellsworth
“One of the dynamos of the ACCJ Board, Bruce was the driver behind the Healthcare White Papers in 2010, 2011, and 2013, and has been key to our advocacy efforts for years.

“A true advocacy expert with extensive contacts in the Japanese Diet and ministries, Bruce’s hard work has led to concrete results that make the healthcare field one area where ACCJ advocacy successes have been the most significant.

“His work on our APCAC program and his engagement with multilateral trade bodies has also been a key to helping the ACCJ establish a firm foundation for our advocacy in the region.”

Tad Johnson
“It is hard to imagine a Board of Governors’ meeting or activity that doesn’t include Tad.

“In the difficult year following the global financial crises, as Chair of the Budget and Finance Advisory Council, Tad steered the Chamber through difficult times and helped the ACCJ to remain on solid financial footing.

“He has chaired and been an important contributing member of the Constitutional Membership Committee and the Emergency/Disaster Response Advisory Council, among others.

“Tad’s sharp eye and attention to detail have been instrumental in promoting constructive quality control in many areas of the Chamber.”

Chris LaFleur
“Chris’s contributions to the Chamber began long before he joined the Board, and we are sure will continue long after.

“As Chair of the Financial Services Forum, Chris has demonstrated outstanding leadership, rooted in a clear understanding of complex issues, a working relationship with key players in the Japanese government, and a diplomat’s skill.

“With Chris leading our group in briefings with high-level US officials and in meetings with senior Japanese leaders, we always knew we had our best foot forward.

“Among his many accomplishments was the production of the Financial Services White Paper: Achieving New Growth Through Financial Reform. This document has been essential for our financial-services related advocacy over the past two years.”

Patricia Robinson
“The ACCJ is extremely fortunate to have Patricia “Tish” Robinson as a leader.

“Tish took on increasingly demanding leadership roles—from Vice Chair to Co-Chair, to Chair of the Human Resource Management Committee before being elected to the Board for the 2012–2013 term.

“One notable contribution was the involvement of a team of eager interns from her university to serve as staff for our APCAC extravaganza.

“She has driven a vital initiative in the Chamber; leading the push to issue the 2012 and 2013 CSR yearbooks, which highlight many of the important contributions our members are making to promote diversity in the workplace and to give back to their communities.”

Ira Wolf
“Ira has given tremendously of his time and talents to the ACCJ Board since first joining on January 1, 1997.

“From his diligent review of advocacy documents to his deft handling of meetings with government officials, Ira has distinguished himself as a master of navigating Japan’s often tricky policy environment.”

Yukio Yoshimura
“Yoshimura-san’s knowledge and experience are unmatched. The wise advice and counsel we have received from him have raised the quality of our advocacy and increased the effectiveness of our Board discussions.

“His network and the extremely high esteem in which he is held in both the Japanese and foreign business communities has greatly expanded the reach of the Chamber.”

Chito Zulueta
“An unfaltering supporter of the ACCJ during his four-year term as Governor, Chito implemented strategies and goals that brought the Kansai Chapter a new era of stability and sustainability.

“He established the membership expansion strategy with the main goal of increasing Corporate Sustaining Members (CSMs). During his term the Chapter went from two to five CSMs. His leadership created a vision, strategy, and goals for vitalizing the Chapter.

“Through his encouragement, the Chapter now enjoys an energetic and powerful team of leaders that includes three women members.”