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Facilities for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE) are in short supply in Tokyo, and the need is mounting. Businesses are continually on the hunt for the perfect space, but are often left wanting.

With 21 years of MICE experience and a strong understanding of the market, Benchmark Hospitality International of Japan (BHIJ) is a leader in conference center offerings in Japan and knows how to deliver what businesses seek.

Kozue Honda, executive vice president and director of BHIJ and general manager of the Tokyo Conference Center, explained the importance of adding the human factor to business. This is especially important as advances in technology result in decreased face-to-face interaction.

BHIJ opened the first Tokyo Conference Center in Tokyo in 1999, and over the past two decades it has adapted to the changing needs of the business world. Honda emphasized that knowing what the customer wants is crucial.

To understand those needs, the company asked 500 Japanese businesses what they look for in conference facilities. How can you have an effective meeting? What is needed to justify taking your event outside the office?

Creating a MICE facility that surpasses all expectations starts with the realization that large spaces and breakout rooms are only the foundation. Ergonomics is important, and the environment must enable companies to collaborate and work comfortably and efficiently.

Honda believes that, to achieve this, all five senses must be engaged. So, the Tokyo Conference Center provides comfortable chairs with enough space to move around, large tables with ideal lighting, control over air quality and temperature, essential oil diffusers scattered throughout, and the latest in conferencing technology.

Food is also key to productive meetings. The onsite kitchen ensures that your team and guests are energized throughout the day—at the right times—with delectable food and beverages. Whether succulent slices of gourmet roast beef or an after-lunch pick-me-up of pickled plum, the menu is carefully crafted based on client requests. The food is made with organically-sourced vegetables, and vegan options are readily available.

Hospitality is everything when it comes to conference facilities, and the Tokyo Conference Center misses nothing. From the first morning coffee—with the blend adjusted throughout the day—to the final reception cocktail, every want is anticipated.

To stay on par with global offerings and to attract large foreign and repeat clients, Honda ensures that international standards are maintained. She follows the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC) quality standards, because Japan does not have its own standards or guidelines.

Situated at Shinagawa Station, the conference center is in easy reach of international clients flying into Haneda, and any domestic clients taking the Shinkansen, subway, or local trains.

So, if MICE is a core part of your business, or if you have an important client to meet, Honda invites you to check out the Tokyo Conference Center, with locations in Shinagawa and Ariake. As their slogan says, it’s the “first choice and the only one.”