The Journal The Authority on Global Business in Japan


December 2013


Megan Waters

Ordinary General Meeting
It was on hearing ACCJ President Larry Bates present the State of the Chamber address that I realized the enormity of the tasks the chamber is undertaking.

Attending the Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) at the Tokyo American Club on October 30, I was struck by just how much the chamber has achieved over the past year. Chamber members, leaders, and staff have all been extremely busy throughout 2013—and have achieved the results to prove it.

Turning to the chamber’s elections, I was privileged to hear the speeches of presidential candidates Jay Ponazecki and Chris LaFleur. Both nominees gave inspirational addresses and clearly have the best interests of the ACCJ at heart.

Ambassadors: past and present
On behalf of the ACCJ Journal, I would like to welcome Ambassador Caroline Kennedy to Japan. As the first woman to serve in the position, she will be, I am sure, a valuable role model.

An ambassador who so admirably served the American business community here is the late Tom Foley, envoy to Japan from 1997 to 2001. Apt, indeed, are the words of ACCJ Executive Director Samuel Kidder, who eulogizes the man as one who never lost his human touch.

Besides working tirelessly to strengthen Japan–US relations, Ambassador Foley truly engaged the business community here, going above and beyond what was required of him in his diplomatic role.

Typhoon Haiyan recently wrought colossal damage in the Philippines in one of the worst storms on record.

The Wall Street Journal reports (November 18) that an estimated four million people have been displaced. In addition, official government statistics state that the typhoon may have left some 3,982 people dead, 18,266 injured, and 1,602 missing.

Although international aid efforts are starting to have an impact, the people of the Philippines desperately need your help.

To donate much-needed food or money, or to find out how you can help the relief effort, please visit the website of Second Harvest Japan:

Holiday Greetings
On behalf of the Journal staff, I wish readers a very happy holiday season, whether you will be spending the yearend here in Japan or abroad.

I am looking forward to what the New Year will bring the chamber and the ACCJ Journal.