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February 2014

Poll Helps ACCJ Know Members

Megan Waters
ACCJ Journal

As part of a continuous effort to better understand and serve its members, the ACCJ has once again carried out its “Turning Members into Advocates” survey. The biennial poll—conducted by market research agency CarterJMRN K.K. who presented it to the ACCJ Leadership Forum on January 22—collates members’ quantitative and qualitative feedback to identify areas of the chamber that may require more focus.

I’d like to share with you some of the highlights of the survey, which was emailed to ACCJ members on November 1–15 and attracted 224 respondents.

Thirty-nine percent of those who completed the survey totally agree that the ACCJ is a good place for networking, while 34 percent believe it is a good source of business information. Some 26 percent of respondents feel the chamber represents business interests well on government and policy issues.

Regarding overall attitudes, some 29 percent of respondents totally agree with the statement “ACCJ membership benefits my company”, while 27 percent agree that the chamber meets their personal and professional needs.

Looking ahead, 48 percent of respondents believe they will renew their membership, and 8 percent hope to increase the number of members in their company—a steady year-on-year increase.

Overall, almost one quarter of respondents (22 percent) believe the ACCJ membership is good value.

Events start year in style
As it has done for decades, the ACCJ kicked off the New Year with its traditional shinnenkai, which has become a very popular event for networking, both for meeting new people and seeing familiar faces.

At the annual celebration, the chamber’s new president, Jay Ponazecki, outlined her objectives for the year.

Plaudits are due to Daishichi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., the generous donor of the sake used in the ceremony.

Regarding ACCJ events, it looks as if this year will be packed with high-profile occasions. In January, the chamber welcomed the president and representative director of Mondelēz Japan Ltd., Leanne Cutts. This month, Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda will, in an exclusive off-the-record event, present his views on Japan’s current economic situation.

Food for thought
New this month in the ACCJ Journal is a restaurant review. We hope it will prove useful for many people, particularly those who are expected to entertain business-related visitors in Tokyo. We aim to make the food column a regular feature if possible, so please contact me should you have any suggestions for food- or beverage-related venues, especially those that may interest our members.


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