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November 2013
Megan Waters

ACCJ newcomers
It was a pleasure to see the faces of so many new members at the ACCJ Fall Meet and Greet gathering on October 16. The Conrad Tokyo hotel was the ideal setting for this popular event—one of two each year—that the chamber holds for networking and the promotion of member companies.

The reason that this is one of the most popular ACCJ networking events soon became clear. Of the 130 members and their guests who attended, 20 had recently joined the ACCJ family. I would like to extend a warm welcome to these newcomers, as well as the many other individuals and companies that have recently joined the chamber.

I am very pleased to see that the membership is expanding, particularly the ratio of women and corporate sustaining members.

Networking and charity
In October, the ACCJ held many networking events, including the very successful Mercedes-Benz Japan Cup attended by some 150 golf lovers. But there were also events of a more serious nature.

ACCJ members and their guests were fortunate to have an opportunity to hear Elizabeth Oliver MBE speak at a recent event organized by the Young Professionals Group Subcommittee. From small beginnings, Oliver’s non-profit organization Animal Rescue Kansai (ARK) has continued to expand since its founding in 1990.

The mistreatment of animals, not only in Japan but anywhere, is something I abhor. So I was saddened to learn that, according to figures issued by the Japanese government in 2010, over 80 percent of the dogs housed in the nation’s pounds were euthanized.

Shocking, isn’t it? And the Japan figures are that for the country in which the dog Hachiko has been memorialized in a bronze statue at Tokyo’s Shibuya station.

The loyal Hachiko, an Akita breed, would wait outside Shibuya Station for his master to return at the end of the day. The faithful dog is remembered on April 8 each year, and has been the subject of numerous films and books. Man’s best friend, indeed.

I ask you to please support ARK in any way you can.

Planning ahead
On a different note, the year-end holidays will soon be here. You may have already planned a trip for the holiday season but, for those readers not yet organized or who remain undecided, see page 41 for some ideas about a beach getaway with a difference, or turn to page 36 to read about issues concerning Japan’s two main airports, Haneda and Narita.

As ever, I hope you enjoy this issue.


DividerSome 20 new members attended the Fall Meet and Greet on October 16.