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Our August issue of The Journal focuses on ways to make the world better and brighter. From more sustainable food production to higher education for everyone, there are many ideas moving us forward.

As climate change affects food production and the world’s population continues to grow, it is essential that we find new paths to food security. The field of agritech promises more abundant, higher-quality vegetables that can be grown in less space and with less energy. We talk to those at the forefront of smart farming in the United States, Singapore, and Japan about the possibilities of what is being called the Third Green Revolution.

Proper training, broad knowledge, and refined skills have never been more important to those entering the workforce. Economics, however, prevents some promising talent from moving on to higher education. Some lawmakers in the Diet want to change that. We explore the proposal that university should be free for all Japanese citizens, and talk to human resources directors about what increased access to higher education might mean to companies.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will require 4,998 medals—1,666 each for gold, silver, and bronze. That’s a lot of precious metal, but the city has a plan to find all the required material in something you’re already holding in your hand: personal electronics. We talk to representatives of the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee, the Ministry of Environment, and scientists to find out why urban mines are the key to eco-friendly Olympic glory.

Returning to education, those who are graduating from university today are finding that it’s a buyer’s market. The declining population means fewer qualified candidates and plenty of positions waiting to be filled. To survive, companies must battle for the best talent. And to win that fight, branding matters. We talk to recruiting and human resources experts about the things that job candidates are looking for, and how to make your company stand out from the crowd in a world where the traditional workplace just doesn’t cut it anymore.

There’s much more in this issue, including trends in diversity, building global teams, and advice for making the most of internships. Turn to page 37 for the latest news, events, and photos from the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan’s Tokyo, Kansai, and Chubu chapters.

Christopher Bryan Jones is Editor-in-chief of The Journal. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, he has lived in Japan since 1997.