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On April 10, the Kansai chapter of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) held an event featuring a presentation by Mari Nogami, executive officer and vice president of AstraZeneca K.K.’s Respiratory Business Unit, which is based in Osaka. The event was organized by the ACCJ–Kansai Business Programs Committee and was sponsored and hosted by AstraZeneca K.K., an ACCJ corporate sustaining member.

Nogami made many contributions to the ACCJ–Kansai as the first chair of the ACCJ–Kansai Women in Business Committee, which was the first Women in Business Committee established in the entire ACCJ. She also served concur­rently as vice president of P&G Japan and president of Max Factor Japan. This allowed her to set the stage for many of the novel initiatives and successes that the ACCJ–Kansai has implemented and enjoyed with respect to advancing the cause of women working in Japan.

Nogami was also named ACCJ–Kansai Leader of the Year in 2011.

In a presentation entitled, Brand Myself: Self-Branding for Your Career, Nogami spoke to a large crowd at AstraZeneca’s beautiful new office in Grand Front Osaka. The event was also attended by AstraZeneca K.K. Representative Director and President Stefan Woxström, the Sweden native who took over as head of Japan opera­tions in January after serving as president of the Nordic Baltic region. Nogami recently returned from an extended period working in AstraZeneca’s Gothenberg, Sweden, facilities and had many useful insights and experiences to share.

The focus of Nogami’s presentation was her personal and profes­sional journey. She described how the skills she had honed over many years as a success­ful marketing executive in some of the world’s top corpora­tions could be used for self-marketing, career advance­ment, and in more personal matters, such as marriage.

She traced her life and career from childhood to present, providing many entertaining and instructive anecdotes about achieving professional and personal success in Japan and abroad.

She also provided concrete examples and marketing strategies, such as identi­­fying specific attributes to differen­­tiate and enhance personal or corporate brands—something that helps individuals clarify their goals and present the best version of themselves.

Nogami’s presentation was highly interactive, with a lively discussion during the Q&A followed by an active networking session. The evening was a great success; many new lessons were learned and old friends and colleagues reunited. The ACCJ–Kansai would like to extend our special thanks to Nogami and AstraZeneca K.K. for a fantastic presentation and wonderful hospitality. We are also grateful to the ACCJ–Kansai Business Programs Committee co-chairs, Mie Kitano and Hidehito Katsuma, for organizing this excellent event.

Jiri M. Mestecky is special advisor and ACCJ–Kansai Executive Committee member
Nogami made many contributions to the ACCJ–Kansai as the first chair of the ACCJ–Kansai Women in Business Committee