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Excitement rises as we don our Sherlock Holmes-style cloaks and deerstalker hats and are shown into a room, from which we have 60 minutes to flee. Looking for clues among the furnishings—in keeping with a special theme—anticipation gives way to survival: we must solve the mystery.

Our hosts are Escape Hunt Japan, Ltd. The firm celebrated its first birthday in August 2016 and, given the popularity of escape games worldwide, has big ambitions. These games are increasingly seen as the ultimate team-building activity: accessible, engaging and relying on grey matter rather than muscles.

As the only business in Japan with such offerings in English and Japanese, Escape Hunt has attracted global brands, such as Microsoft, Google, and Nike.

The Japan office of a luxury brand contacted the firm after a merger left departments fractured and staff anxious about their positions. Working closely with its human resources team, Escape Hunt created an event to relieve stress, unveil personality traits, foster understanding, develop teamwork, and communicate values.

Thought to have been started about 10 years ago, escape games have taken the corporate world by storm thanks to their value as a tool in supporting brainstorming, collaboration, creativity, trust, and feedback.

The Escape Hunt Experience Tokyo
KN Asakusa Bldg. 6F
1-10-5 Asakusa
Taito-ku, Tokyo

These games are increasingly seen as the ultimate team-building activity.