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Our March issue of The Journal focuses on art, gaming, and building successful careers as we visit the potential sites of future resorts, dress for success, and make social media work for business.

Legalized gambling is a major revenue generator in many parts of the world. After a decade and a half of debate, Japan is preparing to dip its toes into the pools of integrated resorts (IR). These large-scale developments that combine hotels, conference and convention centers, and entertainment facilities—including casinos—have the potential to boost the economy both locally and nationally. But the plan isn’t without controversy. In our cover story, we explore the many angles of IR along with when and where the first might be built.

Realizing the untapped potential of women in the workforce remains a top priority for Japan and the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ). Mentoring and encouraging young women as they begin their careers is critical, and was an important topic at the World Assembly for Women (WAW!) conference. Speakers from WAW! share their views on how companies can support women, and we also sit down with fashion designer Junko Kemi to find out how she tries to help women be themselves in the workplace, how she creates a female-friendly work environment in her own company, and what government and institutions can do to change the status quo.

Japan is also evolving in the creative world. Ikebana, the traditional art of Japanese flower arranging, has seen a decline in interest. But Mika Otani, a master from the Sogetsu school of ikebana, is working to change that by taking the art to a younger audience. Using social media, she has succeeded in building a business that excites those in their twenties and thirties and reaches from Japan to the United States. We trace Otani’s path from web developer to successful entrepreneur.

In a world dominated by social media, one misstep can lead to a firestorm. What do you do when angry customers take to Facebook or Twitter to vent about your company? Crisis communications is an important part of public relations, and we talk to some of Japan’s leading PR experts about how to manage your message in times of crisis.

There’s much more in this issue, including an interview with the second Japanese woman to go into space, a visit to an Azabu-Juban artistic mainstay, and coverage of the ACCJ’s recent events.

Christopher Bryan Jones is Editor-in-chief of The Journal. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, he has lived in Japan since 1997.