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ACCJ-EBC Collaboration Special


The ACCJ-EBC Collaboration Special

This month we celebrate the many ways in which the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan cooperates with European organizations here, including the European Business Council and the representative chambers of 18 Europe nations.

The future for US and European companies in Japan is getting brighter.
Tokyo ranks highest in Asia as a livable city from a quality-of-life perspective. In terms of doing business in Japan, there is room for improvement, as we are far behind other Asian destinations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea.

By reducing the corporate tax rate and shortening the immigration process for foreigners’ working visas, the business environment and opportunities for US and European companies will continue to rise.

01Dennis Muldowney
General Manager
Crown Relocations


Everyone benefits from collaborating on advocacy issues.

DaabonAccording to 2012 data from the World Trade Organization, the US and the EU combined account for 28% of Japan’s exports, but only receive 18.2% of its imports.

By collaborating on advocacy issues that bring best practices and leading products to Japan, all parties—American, European, and Japanese—benefit.

02Donald Nordeng
Daabon Organic Japan


The war for talent will make recruitment a bigger issue.

DCTFor US and European businesses in Japan going forward, I see opportunity through the forced globalization of more and more Japanese companies, as they try to off-set the problems of population decline by expanding overseas.

This will bring up a more open-minded attitude on the part of domestic companies toward doing business with foreign entities. One of the challenges for US and European companies with operations on the ground here will be the war for talent, as the youth population decline will make recruitment a bigger issue than it is today.

03Dr. Greg Story
Dale Carnegie


We are delighted with how our brands resonate with the Japanese consumer.

FiatWith growing sales across all regions and an ever-expanding footprint, the Fiat and Chrysler Groups, soon to become Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, is a fine example of what can be accomplished by true and deep collaboration between Europe and North America.

In Japan, the strength and energy derived from our integrated entity has yielded impressive results for our five brands. Total sales have grown four years running, with 2014 set to become yet another record year. We are committed to serving our existing customers and bringing new exciting products to Japan, whether from our European or US stable of brands.
Pontus Häggstrom
President & CEO

Any bank can help you finance.
Only a builder can help you grow.

GEFor over 100 years, GE has maintained a business relationship in Japan, beginning with Kyoto’s bamboo filament used in Edison’s lighting bulb in 1879.

Leading up to the 2020 Olympics, there should be increased opportunities in Japan for US and EU companies, both companies already operating here as well as those interested in exploring Japan’s great potential in terms of market scale and technological capability.

I look forward to working with a wide variety of Western multinationals in Japan to help structure the right financial programs, to support companies in achieving growth in this promising market.

05Clark D. Griffith
Structured Finance
GE Capital Japan


US and European companies are at the heart of global business in Japan.

HRGroupIn the relocation/mobility industry, we see a diverse movement of employees in and out of Japan for both European and US companies. Many of the issues faced in Japan also cross many borders.

US and European companies are at the heart of global business in Japan, and increasingly what stands in the way of Japan–US relations is likely to stand in the way of Japan–European relations, and vice versa. More collaboration between the EBC and the ACCJ therefore makes clear sense, so that together we can further enhance Japan’s globalization.

06Steve Burson
President, H&R Consultants / Relo Japan
Vice President, ACCJ Chubu
Chair, HR Committee, EBC

Best of luck to all players in the Mercedes-Benz Japan Cup 2014.

KsIslandMercedes-Benz and The Ryder Cup have many parallels: prestige, excellence, performance, quality, and history are but a few of the words that sum up both.

The participants of the Mercedes-Benz Japan Cup 2014 are part of a bigger picture; they are valued contributors to the lucky charity that will receive the proceeds from the golf tournament. The event will surely be played in the right spirit, and all the professionals at K’s Island Golf Academy wish all players the best of luck. May the best team win!

07Joe Gaughwin
Member of Australian PGA
K’s Island Golf Academy