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October 2013
Annual networking event promotes the fun side of business

By Bruce McCaughan
Everybody loves a beer garden. But people in the Chubu area of Japan love them the most.

What’s not to love? After all, there is nowhere else you can enjoy copious amounts of the golden nectar in the open air, with friends and colleagues, on a warm summer’s night—okay, it was hot, but it is always hot in Nagoya.

On August 1 the ACCJ Chubu Chapter held its annual “Summer Networking Event: Beer Garden.” Hosted by the Living in Chubu Committee—responsible for making sure business in central Japan is fun—a group of nearly 80 people gathered at a rooftop venue with a stellar view of Nagoya’s twin towers . . . and, of course, there was lots of beer.

Doing business is a challenge in central Japan. It is often said, “If your business is a success in Nagoya, you can make it anywhere.” This fact makes networking and peer support all the more important, and is perhaps the reason they have mastered so well the art of networking and nomunication.

The beer garden event as feted by the Chubu Chapter of the ACCJ was indeed a whole lot of fun. It was a great chance to relax and let off some steam, and also turned out to be a better-than-expected opportunity to network.

The event featured a diverse mix of Japanese and overseas members, including the usual suspects as well as many new faces.

The greater-than-average attendance by women in the business community was also notable. Indeed, that was a testament to the diverse business community found in the Chubu region.

As one delighted ACCJ member put it: “I had never exchanged as many business cards at any networking event as I was able to exchange at the beer garden. It was awesome!”

So you can throw away that image of a bunch of drunken old men with neckties around their heads. In Chubu, it is always a party with a purpose.

In addition to that summer event, the Living in Chubu Committee hosts a casual networking event every quarter, including an Anyone-Can-Golf Tourney and the annual Champagne Ball.

The philosophy underlying these events is that happy people are good for business. In central Japan, members are happy and business is great!

For the record, at the beer garden, the camera was put away by 8:30 p.m., so anything that might have happened after that was recorded only in the minds of participants.

Bruce McCaughan is secretary of the ACCJ Chubu Chapter's Living in Chubu Committee and an independent internet marketing consultant licensed by WSI.

Bruce McCaughan is secretary of the ACCJ Chubu Chapter’s Living in Chubu Committee and an independent internet marketing consultant licensed by WSI.