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At Ishin Hotels Group, our past is the foundation of our future success story.

Our company entered Japan’s hotel real estate investment/ownership market in 2001, with the acquisition of the Hilton Narita under a franchise agreement with Hilton Worldwide.

Over the years we have gained in-depth understanding and expertise in the fields of investment, asset management, hotel operations, market intelligence, and hotel performance parameters, with the company growing to about 25 hotels.

Following some recent sell-offs to create value, we are now managing 14 hotel assets in Japan for a variety of owners and investors. Today we are recognized as a leading, “all-in” hotel management company that clearly understands the value of aligning performance parameters with owner and investor interests.

Industry Evolution
When viewed from a hardware-based, macro perspective, the hotel industry has hardly changed over the centuries; one still finds a bed, shower, and restaurant in a typical property. Admittedly, some hotels have integrated elaborate design elements such as rain showers and flat-screen TVs, or on-site amenities such as spas and gyms.

Perhaps the most dramatic change is the way in which guestrooms and hotel real estate have become commercialized and distributed in the digital sphere. Online marketing, social media, and meta-search engines are drastically changing the landscape of hotel bookings.

Ishin Hotels Group has acquired in-depth expertise to understand the complexity of the dynamic and transparent digital marketplace.

Our market-leading key performance indicators, combined with efficient productivity enhancement measures, are essential value drivers for our business partners.

The Brand Ishin2
Plenty of books, some more complex than others, have been written about brand management. My view is rather simple:

A hotel brand has to perform well from the perspectives of both the owner/investor as well as guests.

The vast majority of hotel brands are a commodity.

Ultimately, the attractiveness of a hotel brand is reflected in the booking choice of hotel guests, in online community opinions, and through social media comments, which can strengthen public perception of the brand.

Members of Ishin Hotels Group have kept these ingredients close to their hearts. Our own brand, “the b hotels,” has a powerful brand image that continues to draw guests and investor/owner interest.

We understand how to establish relationships built on trust, provide professional and efficient hotel management services, and respect our corporate social responsibilities.


“The b hotels” brand is a powerful hotel/real estate proposition.

Our management expertise spans a wide spectrum of hotel categories, from resorts, full-service, and key city/airport/secondary locations, to domestic and international brands, as franchise partners or as proprietary owners, for example of “the b hotels.”

This brand is a powerful, high-performing, and attractive hotel/real-estate proposition for our guests and investors/owners today, and will continue to be so in the future. Our vision is to build on our successful foundation as we transition to become a powerful, third-party service provider.

We will continue to study hotel real estate investment opportunities. However, our primary focus over both the short and long term will be providing expertise and market-leading performance parameters to a wider group of hotel investors and owners, whether they be individuals or groups.

Our business models range from classic management contracts (interest alignment), to lease arrangements and our own franchisor “in the box” concept of the b hotel brand.

We truly understand the importance of flexible and attractive contract terms, as well as creative discussions on reasonable and affordable property improvement plans. Finally, we are driven by passion and knowledge to outperform the market for the benefit of our guests and business partners.