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As part of our efforts to support members and their businesses during the coronavirus pandemic, the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) has been conducting a series of surveys since February. So far, four surveys have tracked the response to and impact of the coronavirus.

Of the significant challenges that have been thrust upon the business world, a sudden drop in revenues is one of the most troubling for many companies. Reduced funds make it more difficult to adjust to other side effects of the coronavirus and efforts to slow its spread, such as decreased consumer confidence and spending, supply chain issues, disruptions to business operations, travel restrictions, and a sudden need to shift entire offices to teleworking.

ACCJ members are looking to the US and Japanese govern­ments for transparency in information-sharing, economic stimulus, and assistance. They are also looking beyond their own businesses to offer support to the broader community.

This outreach includes donating medical supplies, offering technical expertise free of charge, and providing complimentary or discounted services in areas such as public relations and mental health.

While the Covid-19 situation is rapidly changing—and will no doubt have evolved during the weeks following the most recent survey, the results of which were released on April 3—the information gathered here provides a glimpse into this historic shake-up of the global economy and how businesses of all sizes are reacting. For full results, please visit the ACCJ Business Continuity Network at: